Margarita Meyendorff appearing in Pirandello.

“In a small theatre in front of a small audience, as is typical on an off-off Broadway stage, stands a slight, delicate looking woman with a shock of gorgeous chestnut colored hair and a typical Slavic face. I introduce to you–Mourka, the actress.”
– Novoye Russkoye Slovo, New York City

MOURKA began her theatrical career in New York City in the late 60’s where she studied acting, dancing and voice. After touring around the US with several acting companies and dancing abroad, Mourka finally settled in the Hudson Valley.

Mourka’s debut in Woodstock started in the 80’s performing in Pirandello’s play AT THE GATE at the Byrdclyffe Theatre. For PAW, Mourka performed Zlata in NECESSARY TARGETS, Kate in ALL MY SONS, Karla in WONDER OF THE WORLD and Flo in LIVES OF THE SAINTS. Mourka performed the VAGINA MONOLOGUES with Melissa Leo and premiered her one woman show, MOURKA in Woodstock’s Town Hall in 1994 before taking it off-Broadway in NYC.

Mourka performed the lamp lady in TALKING WITH, played Jack Lemmon’s part in an all female version of GLENGARRY GLENN ROSS, and Sunny Jacobs in THE EXONERATED She originated the role of Magda in the Actor’s and Writer’s premiere of BEYOND BEAUTIFUL by Laura Shaine Cunningham.

Mourka also performed in THE GIN GAME in Woodstock, and played Rachilde in the French Theatre of the Absurd play, “JARRY” and starred in the title role in HITLER’S PSYCHIATRIST by Carey Harrison at the Kleinart/James Gallery in Woodstock.

Recently, Mourka has primarily acted in films. One such film, DOOMSDAYS, directed by Eddie Mullens, was shown in a film festival at MOMA, NYC. Another Indie film, THIRSTY, directed by Margo Pelletier will be released in 2016.

Mourka also sings a repertoire of high style, theatrical Russian songs and gypsy music with the Russian Folk Instrument Ensemble in New York City and other venues in the Hudson Valley.

Mourka published her memoir novel called DP Displaced Person which is now available on